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Andes Central School District News Article

Update from ACS Board of Education

Dear Andes CSD Community:

As you may have seen in a recent news story, the Delaware County Sheriff's Department has concluded their criminal investigation of Robert Chakar. Law enforcement has determined that no criminal charges will be brought forward. https://news.yahoo.com/sheriff-andes-superintendent-didnt-commit-135300391.html
Chakar remains on administrative leave while the district’s investigation is still underway.

As a reminder, the district’s attorneys enlisted a third-party law firm to conduct the investigation to ensure a fair, thorough investigation, free from biases and conflicts of interest.

While the investigation continues, the board of education and Interim Superintendent Patrick Sweeney are working to implement more safeguards for students and staff to report any incidents, regardless of their nature, to trusted adults.

As the smallest school district in the state, challenges in state-mandated reporting exist. In many cases, certified administrators must be appointed in the roles. This includes Title IX. With only one certified administrator employed by the district, we must look for new ways to implement checks and balances.

With the close-knit community we have, we all have a responsibility to ensure our students feel safe and welcome in our building.

Regardless of the outcome of the district’s investigation, we will be examining the following, with an eye on increasing awareness, intervention and training.
  • Secondary Title IX Coordinator specifically tasks handling inquiries and complaints that involve the Title IX Coordinator (use of a Labor Relations Specialist to investigate as a separate third party will be utilized).
  • Enhanced Harassment Training for all employees (sexual, physical, emotional)
  • Continued connections and programming for students, faculty and staff social emotional supports and training
  • Enhancing our Wellness Program for all employees and students (continuous curricular review and modifications)
We will continue to share updates as we learn more and make changes to enhance the school environment as a place where students and staff can turn to trusted adults.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these challenges.

Kelly Bauer
Andes Board of Education

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