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Student Honor Roll

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Four times each year, after report cards are issued, the honor roll will be released.  Earning a place on the honor roll is based upon grades received during the previous quarter.  Students are eligible if they have passed all courses and are enrolled on a full-time basis.

Superintendent’s Honors
Awarded to those students who have earned an average of 94.5% or above.

High Honors
Awarded to those  students who have earned an average of  89.5% or above.

Awarded to those students who have earned an average of 84.5% or above.

Congratulations to the students listed below!

2021-22  Second Quarter
Superintendent's Honors
High Honors
12th Grade - Emily Andersen

9th Grade - Shane Edwards
9th Grade - Erysse Elliott

12th Grade - Benjamin Andersen
12th Grade - Hunter Collins

11th Grade -Katherine Edelson
11th Grade - Rylee Burton

8th Grade - Gavyn Mahon

10th Grade - Vincent Spangburgh

10th Grade -Christina Chakar

7th Grade - Jesse Wright-Bourke
7th Grade - Mason Leal

7th Grade - Jacob Ventimiglia
7th Grade - Brandon Temming

9th Grade - Isis Brannen

6th Grade - Duncan Foster-Allen

7th Grade - Faith Sass

8th Grade - Gabriellah Bene

6th Grade - Matthew Liddle
6th - Laney Mondore

6th Grade - Austin George
6th Grade - Joseph Maxim

7th Grade - Lilly Temple

5th Grade - Aelyn Bennett

5th Grade - Abel Weaver
5th Grade - Maria Collins
5th Grade - Myaleigh Rabon