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Andes, NY, USA

Andes Central School District News Article

Welcome, Dr. Brigid Collins, Andes CSD New School Superintendent

Brigid Collins grew up in New England close to the foothills of the Berkshires. She always loved
being a part of the classroom setting and comes from a long line of educators on both sides of
her family. Thus, her move to a career in education was a natural one. She brings over 32 years
of experience in education and curriculum to the position of Superintendent of Andes CSD,
including 22 years in administrative leadership. Her early years in education were spent as an
English and reading teacher. She has always loved being around children and has a true
passion for creating educational settings that provide the best possible outcomes for all the
children in her charge.

Dr. Collins is recognized by her colleagues for her integrity, collaborative nature, and her
dedication for doing what is best for students. Her style of leadership is authentic, open,
transparent and relational.

Brigid received a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College; a Master’s Degree in Human Services and
Administration from Springfield College, as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching from Union
College. She also holds a Doctor of Education Degree from St. John’s University. She has a
strong background in literacy and advocates for high expectations, equity and support for
students, all while ensuring that teachers and administrators are also well supported.
Brigid most recently spent much of her career in rural districts on the East End of Long Island.
She is used to life in small schools (hard work and wearing many hats) and very much values
life where the school is the center of the community. She has worked with diverse families from
all economic backgrounds, has a reputation for being honest and genuine, and treats everyone
with the same level of respect and importance.

Brigid is part of a loving family. Her husband of 29 years, Jim Stewart, is also an educator, and
recently retired as a Health Teacher and coach. Their two sons are Robert 18 and Christopher,
8. One is off to his freshman year in college this year, and the other is entering the 3rd grade.

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