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Plan for Unused Snow/Emergency Days

Plan for Unused Snow/Emergency Days
Dear Andes Central School Community,
Currently, Andes Central School  has six unused snow/emergency days remaining for the 2023-2024 school year. It looks like we will not be needing to use all, or any of the remaining emergency days. So that you can plan a bit in advance, I would like to provide you with the days approved by the Board of Education that will become “snow give back” days in our calendar.
As you know, our school year consists of 180 school days. 
The dates we will have off from school if these days do not need to be used are as follows:

  • April 8, which is the Monday following Spring Break
  • May 10, which is Friday before Mother’s Day
  • May 17, which is Friday before Prom
  • May 23, which is Thursday before Memorial Day weekend
  • May 28, which is Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend
  • June 17, which is a Regents Rating Day
As the weather is often unpredictable, we may end up requiring the use of  some of these days. However, Andes Central School will be closed on the above dates should we have no more need for the snow/emergency days built into the calendar. I hope it is helpful to have this information in advance.  Regardless of the weather, I hope you have a safe and happy spring ahead.
                                                                                                Thank you,

                                                                                                Dr. Brigid Collins

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